ODPA Elects Officers for 2018

General News,

The Board of Directors for the Ohio Dairy Producers Association recently elected their 2018 officers. Officers are:

  • Chair - Joe Miley of West Salem, Ohio
  • Vice Chair, Producers - John Douglass of Marshallville, Ohio
  • Producer Representative - Matt Andreas of Sugarcreeek, Ohio
  • Vice Chair, Organizations - Chuck Moellendick of Pleasantville, Ohio 
  • Organization Representative - Dan Andreas of Sugarcreeek, Ohio
The ODPA Board of Directors also approved its 2018 budget and established priorities for the year. ODPA will continue to serve Ohio's dairy farmers by representing their best interest in legislative affairs and regulatory issues, providing producer education opportunities, supporting practical dairy research and promoting a positive dairy image. 
In addition, ODPA will continue to work with the state agencies of Ohio Department of Agriculture, Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, and other state leadership to position itself as a resource in decisions that may impact Ohio's dairy industry.