Dairy Research

 Managed by ODPA, the Ohio Dairy Research Fund supports practical dairy research through voluntary dairy farmer contributions.

Since 1982, the fund has assisted 132 different projects, with more than $827,000, in areas such as Johne's Disease, mastitis, reproductive performance, milk quality, environmental toxins, manure utilization, odor from dairy facilities, and nutrition.

Who Benefits from the Program?

Ohio dairy farmers directly benefit because the research is conducted at The Ohio State University and at the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center (OARDC). To assure the funds are used effectively, written proposals are reviewed and administered by a committee of Ohio dairy farmers selected from those who contribute to the fund.

How Can I Support ODRF?

With the permission of the farmer, as little as 1/10 of 1% or less than 2 cents per cwt of the gross milk check is deducted each month by the milk-purchasing company or cooperative. This equates to about $4 per cow per year. AND, each dairy farmer dollar donated brings in even more matching state and federal funds to support research and Extension projects.

If you would like to support the Ohio Dairy Research Fund, complete this contribution form and mail to:

Ohio Dairy Producers Association
2800 Corporate Exchange Drive
Suite 260
Columbus, OH 43231