ODPA Supports Efforts to Address Water Quality

General News,

Ohio’s dairy farmers are committed to protecting our natural resources and improving Ohio’s water quality. The Ohio Dairy Producers Association supports the work that has been done to craft legislation - Senate Bill 1 - to enhance water quality in Ohio including requiring a practical, science-based approach to applying manure and fertilizer to frozen and snow covered ground.

“ODPA is pleased to have been involved in the development of SB 1 and appreciates the leadership of the Ohio House, Ohio Senate and the Kasich administration for their work on this pressing issue, says Scott Higgins, ODPA CEO. “While ODPA is looking forward to working with Ohio’s dairy farming community to continually improve manure management practices and protect Ohio’s waterways, we encourage others outside of agriculture to join us in being part of the solution.”

SB 1, introduced by Senators Bob Peterson (R-Sabina) and Randy Gardener (R-Bowling Green), prohibits manure from being applied to snow-covered or frozen soil with certain exemptions. SB 1 also addresses other sources of phosphorus, including waste water treatment plants and dredged material that is dumped into Lake Erie.