Biosecurity Tips to Prevent Spread of PEDv

General News,

The Ohio Department of Agriculture reports that the Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus (PEDv) is a virus that is having devastating consequences on swine producers in Ohio and across the country. The virus is spread by direct and indirect transmission. Direct transmission is animal to animal contact. Indirect transmission is exposure to contaminated footwear, clothing, farm supplies, vehicles, etc. This virus does not affect humans, and is not a food safety issue, but it is a very significant animal health issue.

Ohio is a diverse agricultural state and many farms have multiple species of animals that include swine and dairy on the same farm. It is imperative that you practice good biosecurity as you are doing your work on these farms or any other place you could come into contact with contaminated equipment, vehicles, animals or supplies.

Some items to think about are:

  • Using disposable boots or other protective footwear and appropriate disinfectants while you are on farms or in any place that could be expected to be a point of transmission - don't let your boots or shoes be a transmission vehicle. "Virkon S" is the only known effective disinfectant that can be used for footwear on a dairy farm that will kill the virus. Other disinfectants are available, but are not to be used on dairy facilities.
  • Following the biosecurity procedures that might already be in place at the farm so that you are doing your part to prevent the spread of the virus.
  • Understanding that biosecurity is important in other places like feed mills, stock yards, truck washes or any other place where animals, people or vehicles are commingled.

Click here to review the protocol that Dairy Division Sanitarians will be following for facilities with both dairy and swine.