Advocacy Update: Legislative Affairs

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The mission of ODPA is simple: to serve as a collective voice for Ohio’s dairy farmers to address state and federal issues related to animal care, the environment, GMO labeling, school meals, trade, transportation, energy and taxes that affect Ohio’s dairy farm families.

In the Statehouse, ODPA is:

  • Educating legislators about the Dairy PRIDE Act and encouraging FDA to take enforcement action against the misuse of dairy food names on plant-based imitators. ODPA believes the term “milk” by manufacturers of plant-based beverages is a violation of milk’s standard of identity and are concerned that other dairy terms are also being misappropriated for imitation butter, yogurt, cheese and ice cream.

  • Meeting with Congressman Gibbs, U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown and other Congressional staff regarding NAFTA and other international trade policies, immigration reform and the 2018 Farm Bill. ODPA is working with National Milk Producers Federation to represent the best interest of Ohio dairy farmers as it relates to the current Farm Bill, including expressing concerns and identifying needed improvements.

  • Working with American Farm Bureau to support the creation of a federal Dairy - Revenue Protection (Dairy - RP) insurance product. Dairy-RP is now available to dairy farmers to purchase risk management protection against declines in quarterly revenue from milk sales.

  • Providing input to Governor-elect DeWine’s transition team on how to best collaborate for success during his administrati ODPA is also providing recommendations for state agency leadership appointments.

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