Producer Education Opportunities


"Dairy farmers must work together
to address issues facing us and
protect the future of our industry."

Joe Miley, ODPA chair
dairy farmer from Wayne Co.

Building a Stronger Dairy Industry

ODPA is a united group of dairy producers 
who share a genuine concern for the 
future of their farms and their industry.

Thank You to Our 2017 Supporters!

As part of member services, ODPA provides education opportunities for dairy farmers to obtain valuable information regarding dairy industry advancements that they can consider for their businesses.

ODPA hosts two to three meetings at different locations around the state each year. These meetings provide an opportunity for dairy farmers to provide input on critical issues and hear how ODPA is working on their behalf.

ODPA meetings and seminars feature well-respected and credible dairy experts. Past topics have included:

  • The Future of Dairy, featuring experts on milk pricing, current legislation including 2018 Farm Bill and the Dairy Pride Act, and the Secure Milk Supply Plan.
  • Water Quality and Nutrient Management, featuring experts on the algal bloom on Lake Erie and speakers on future alternatives for manure management 
  • Building Consumer Confidence, featuring guest speakers Joe Jordan, Domino's Chief Marketing Officer and other speakers who provided an overview of the FARM program
  • Milk Pricing/Risk Management strategies, featuring speakers on USDA/FSA Margin Protection Program, CME Futures/Options, USDSA/RMA Livestock gross Marketing Insurance and DFA Forward Pricing options
  • Managing Your Dairy Workforce for Success, covering tools such as employee handbooks, policies and interviewing tips presented by Jim Petri, a partner at Bricker & Eckler LLP in Columbus and experienced in employment and labor
  • Practical Manure Management, featuring a demonstration by Mark Scarpitti, a State Agronomist with the Natural Resources Conservation Service
  • Senate Bill 150 and how it could potentially require farmers to have nutrient management plans for both manure and fertilizer application
  • Animal Disease Traceability, the official identification and movement document requirements now in effect for moving animals across State lines