About Ohio Dairy Producers Association


"Dairy farmers must work together
to address issues facing us and
protect the future of our industry."

Joe Miley, ODPA chair
dairy farmer from Wayne Co.

Building a Stronger Dairy Industry

ODPA is a united group of dairy producers 
who share a genuine concern for the 
future of their farms and their industry.

Thank You to Our 2017 Supporters!

The Ohio Dairy Producers Association is a grassroots legislative, research, and producer education organization,representing dairy farmers from across the state, regardless of farm size, breed or production strategy, marketing preference, or political affiliation. ODPA is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of representatives from producer and organization members. 

Advocating for Dairy Producers

ODPA speaks with a unified voice to support or oppose proposed legislation and policy that might affect the dairy industry. ODPA also monitors regulatory activity and tracks important issues. When necessary, ODPA members are activated to further support ODPA's position.

Serving our Membership

ODPA offers its members producer education opportunities and access to Ohio dairy news and issue updates. Membership also provides an opportunity to participate in a Group Workers Compensation program.

Moving the Industry Forward

To strengthen Ohio's dairy industry, ODPA works closely with the Ohio Dept. of Ag, other government agencies, and The Ohio State University on topics like on-farm issues, environmental policies, and product innovation.

ODPA also works in tandem with the dairy promotion checkoff program to protect the image of dairy farmers by providing consumers with facts about animal care, environmental stewardship, on-farm practices and food safety.


ODPA is a member of the Ohio Livestock Coalition and the Ohio Agricultural Council, as well as an associate member of the National Milk Producers Federation.